Saturday, November 13, 2010

God Damn It

First up: NEW DUCK SAUCE. That's right, Bright & Shiny favorites and disco-house master craftsmen Duck Sauce have a new track. Now, its far from released, but the new track, tentatively titled "Goody Two Shoes" can be spied around the 40-minute mark in an absolutely smashing mix done by Louis La Roche for Australian radio station Triple J. Mind you, the track played is a Louis La Roche edit, but it's still positively delectable. The tracklist for the mix can be found below.
Louis La Roche - Exclusive Triple J - Mix up - 16th Oct 2010 by louislaroche

Louis La Roche Triple J Mix Tracklist

  • Sekta – We Are All Free (Demo)
  • Benjamin Diamond – In Your Arms (Alan Braxe Mix)
  • Craig Hamilton – 12 Hour Soak
  • DJ Falcon – Untitled (Hijack Remix)
  • Roger 72 – Take Me Higher
  • Justin Faust – Holdin’ On (Nightriders Remix)
  • Vanguard – Long Beach
  • Stretch n Vern – I’m Alive 2010 (Louis La Roche Remix)
  • Swivel Hips – Cheaters
  • Louis La Roche – Gimme Gimme (Demo)
  • Duck Sauce – Good To Me (LLR Edit)
  • Lorenz Rhode – Motor Cortex
  • Louis La Roche – Malfunction
  • Abe Duque – What Happened?
  • Xinobi – Hawaii
  • Belgian Beer – Keep On Singin’ (Skingz Remix)
  • Paddywaggle – Could It Be Love (Demo)

While we're on the subject of disco house, here's some french house to whet the appetite. Champagne Records is at it again with what looks like a delectable release from Bright & Shiny up-and-coming favorites Dom & Le Batman. This is just a one long preview of the whole EP, so I don't have a favorite yet, but I will say that the drums on the Jay Wesley remix are straight SILLY. The EP is out November 20th on Champagne Records.
[CHAMP 005] Dom & Lebatman - Isabelle EP [TEASER] by Champagne Records

Moar french house. Brand new jam from the Phantom's Revenge called "Charlie" which samples one of the greatest shows ever to grace your television set, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
The Phantom's Revenge - Charlie

the Clubhaus

Crazy stupid electro from Joachim Garraud. Watch out for your face 'cause your neck may inadvertently start smashing it into blunt objects without your permission.
Fuzzy Hair - Ilike (Joachim Garraud Remix)

Deniz Koyu brings us such an acidic track that it almost verges on trance. Your guido friends will loove this one. Props to DJ Ruthy from the Easy Love Records blog for this one.
Deniz Koyu - Milton and the Nodheads (Original Mix)


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