Sunday, November 7, 2010

Going Pro : Failing Miserably

I am very thankful that this blog exists so it can function as a constant distraction from the work the I should be doing at all times. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. As the great Nietzsche once said, "Without music, life would be a mistake".

Despite the mixed reviews of Aeroplane's latest album, We Can't Fly, Vito Deluca remains one of my favorite producers. Aeroplane's high flying melodies and compelling harmonizations give his music an intangible quality that just exudes dramatic vitality. Growing up as a classically trained pianist, it's no wonder that Vito has such masterful control over the emotions in his music. Transcending genres and touching on many different styles simultaneously, Aeroplane manages to capture the attention of musicians all over the world. Currently on a world tour, I have not doubt that Vito will maintain his iconoclastic reputation by consistently surprising us with new original material. If for some reason you're in Greece tonight, catch his performance at the Shark Club in Thessaloniki.

Here we have a remix that Aeroplane did of Chromeo's Don't Turn The Lights On. This song is just filled with wonderful chord progressions. Just listen to those awesome piano writing skills starting at around 3:35. Amen.

Here is a DJ set that he recently recorded for Paris' Le Mouv radio station. He really chooses a stellar tracklist, most of which you can find in the comments section on SoundCloud.

Included in that set is a sample of Breakbot's (!!!) new remix of Without Lies. All I can offer you at this time is the preview on Eskimo Recording's soundcloud. But seriously kids... I'm so excited to own this one in its full 320 glory.

Boston based dance duo Nightriders has done it again with their latest remix. High flying background synths and that smooth bassline really turn this track into nu disco/indie dance gold.

Todd Edwards is the master of the chop and rearrange effect. His abrupt cuts create amazing lines and he truly puts some funky pep in the step of this song. Don't you deny it. Take a chance on love.

Now this one is a bit uncharacteristic of me. This here track is quite a banger. Something you might hear in a set by the likes of mad man Busy P. With it's ascending chromatic scales and whatnot, It really gives off that crazy rave vibe that many of us know probably a little too well. Disco Of Doom really captures the mood with this one. Sex face indeed.

Facing the Sun is a very appropriate song title for this Fritz Kalkbrenner production. Perfect for that Sunday drive through the country side or nap in the hammock, this track beautifully utilizes repeating harp lines and airy vocals.

This smashing disco remix by Tonka absolutely serves its funky purpose. The groovy vibe will no doubt pack that dance floor with disco loving coolcats. Great vocals by Denmark's own 23 year old Mercedes.

Opptimo is a new turkish producer on brand new label, La Bombe records. He just released an EP by the name of Travellers. This new single, Locate, will be available for purchase tomorrow (Nov. 8). For now, I apologize for the 128. Beggars can't be choosers though, so shut up.

Here's a great Phonat remix of said track, Travellers. I was unaware we needed more disco in this song, but thankfully Mr. Michele Balduzzi has better incite than I do.


Now mashups are a tricky thing. The interweb is flooded with a million shitty mashups that tend to diminish the quality of both songs involved, but there are always exceptions. This one, boys and girls, is truly a marvel. A 3 song mashup that not only does justice to all songs involved, but also sound incredible. No lie, I'm so happy I have another reason to listen to Kid Cudi's vocals from Day and Night. Yet again, thank you LBCK.

I'm in love with Aeroplane. Check out their brilliantly costumed video for Superstar.

As usual. Love, Patrick

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