Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love you, but I've chosen disco...

Most of you are probably in the home stretch school wise, or job wise. It's only a couple more weeks until you all get off for the holidays and unfortunately, standing between you and freedom is a huge pile of work that is glaring menacingly at you from your desk. For me, this means that my ipod and I are going to become best friends as I try and stave off waves of insanity with the smooth stylings of my favorite tunes. Hopefully these tracks ease your troubles and help to ameliorate your crunch time blues.

I am extremely pleased to announce that Death to the Throne has released another remix. Based out of Phoenix, US, this guy throws some maximal glitchy electro in your face for a truly spectacular listening experience. Supposedly influenced by Raiden from Mortal Kombat, don't be alarmed if your face starts melting mid song.

Bonus DTTT (:

Dance music from Canada courtesy of Jacques Greene. Be sure to check out his captivating outer space themed video for (Baby I Don't Know) What You Want. Really digging the vocals and atmospheric synths.

Quentin 909 makes some of the smoothest bass lines in the land. This freakishly talented man has disco on a leash and never fails to please. He uploaded this little number to his Soundcloud a couple days ago, and I'm continuously amazed by how he can make something so repetitive sound so fresh. Anyways, enjoy.

Here we have a dancey little electro pop tune that really gets you movin' and groovin'. If you happen to be in Australia, be sure to catch Strange Talk near you because they're currently touring down under.


Great synths in this one. Fantastic arrangement overall, by Mylo.

I'll leave you with Birdy Nam Nam O______O

Love, Patrick

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