Friday, January 6, 2012

Where's The Love

I first heard this one during a sublime set by Danny Daze at Spybar in Chicago, and from what I can tell it's been one of his staples over the past couple months because he played it again when I saw him in DC a few weeks later. All I can say is this is a song that really sounds incredible when it's thumping out of the right sound system at full blast. Show some love and grab the full release on Beatport (on Sven Vath's Cocoon Recordings).
download: Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber - After Love (Original Mix)

I don't know if you guys have listened to Brodinski's Fabriclive 60 Mix yet, but if you haven't I highly suggest checking it out. It's basically an hour and twenty minutes of dark and relentlessly good techno that shows off the frenchman and his superb mixing skills at their absolute best. One of the highlights of the mix is this next tune, a remix by Gucci Vump, which is really a collaboration between Guillaume of The Shoes and Brodinski himself. Anyway, this track is simply a monster when it's dropped at the right time. For some reason it's not on beatport, but you can grab it off of Itunes.
download: Woodkid - Iron (Remix by Gucci Vump)

I'm not sure why I wasn't crazy about this one when it first came out, but I'm really feeling it lately. Another track where the louder you play it the better. Be sure to check out Surkin's whole USA album for the full release.
download: Surkin - Ultra Light (Original Mix)

I love songs that have you convinced for the first part that you know where they're going, only to completely pull a 180 and confuse the fuck out of you at the drop by going a totally different and way crazier direction. This next song is exactly like that. It alternates between deep, chicago-ey vibes and off the wall bristol-ey bass lunacy, making it the perfect type of song to drop during peak time of a set. For lack of a better word, this one is straight up mental. Beatport it to buy the full release.
download: Luca Lozano - Thug It Out (Original Mix)

I managed to sleep on this release by (for those not in the know, formerly 1/2 of Aeroplane) The Magician, but this one is ridiculously catchy and reminiscent of some of the best Aeroplane numbers. Jeppe contributes on vocals, showing that "I'll Get You" is hardly the only uber-catchy vocal performance that dude is capable of. Apparently he wrote all the lyrics in a shack in the desert, which is pretty cool too. And somewhat confusing because this is like, the ultimate beach song...
download: The Magician - I Don't Know What To Do feat. Jeppe (Original)

And finally.... this video is always worth a revisiting. Happy Friday.


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