Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Along For The Ride

In the relentless pursuit of good music that comes with being a music blogger, I've found that every once in a while, when I'm lucky, a song comes along that transcends the normal bounds of what music is supposed to do - somehow it becomes not simply a good track, but a sort of anthem that takes on a meaning entirely beyond what a 4 or 5 minute piece of noise ought to signify. That's exactly the case with Jonas Rathsman's Tobago. Unknowingly, I first heard this song during the Magician's incredible set at HARD Haunted Mansion this year and found myself dancing into an oblivion of bliss to it, but somehow it wasn't until the other day when a friend sent over the actual song that I found myself able to ascribe a name and title to this incredible tune. In the time since, I've literally been listening to it on repeat, throwing it on during parties and when I'm jamming by myself alike - it's literally that good. So, with that, I give you Tobago. May it end up being as meaningful to you as it is to me.
download: Jonas Rathsman - Tobago (Original Mix)

And yes. There's a music video that's as good as the actual song to go along with it.

Say hello to Tony Junior. Based on this next song "Anigav" I'm predicting that this is a name you're going to be seeing A LOT more of around here. Simply put, this is amazingly catchy progressive house at its best, so good in fact that upon listening to it you might think it came from the hands of Avicii himself. Make sure to support the guy by showing some love to his facebook page and grabbing the release (which came out two days ago) off of beatport. PS say "Anigav" backwards to yourself.
download: Tony Junior - Anigav (Original Mix)

BANGER ALERT. Bart B More and TAI are responsible for this next one, and honestly, that should be all you need to hear to know this track is absolutely massive. So I'll stop with the explanation, beyond mentioning that it's absolutely hilarious that these guys managed to sample THIS piece of youtube lore and work it into a ridiculously huge drop. Out now on Bart B More's own label, Secure Recordings. BEATPORT RELEASE, yo. TWR72 remix is rather large as well.
download: Bart B More & TAI - Nobody Canna Cross It (Di Bus Can Swim) (Original Mix)

Stay Classy,


  1. As much as I like your posts, I hope the other writers will eventually do something as well.

  2. I think there's only one writer that just signs under 5 different names... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.