Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today was a big day in internet history, with hundreds of websites blacking out in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills making their way through Congress. If these bills are allowed to pass, the internet as we know it will be drastically changed; changed for the worse. In a world where these bills are passed into law, sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and, most importantly, Bright & Shiny would become policed arena's of potential copyright infringement. No longer would these websites be venues for the sharing of ideas, be them base or lofty. So do your part to stop internet censorship. Sign the petition or even write a letter to your Congressman; just don't sit back and let the man take our internet freedoms away.

So in the spirit of internet activism, here are couple of tracks that I would never have come across if it were not for Soundcloud and Youtube.

This track literally would have been impossible to distribute for free in a post-SOPA/PIPA world. Ya girl Azealia Banks spits hot fire over Lone's "Pineapple Crush." I've been waiting for a rapper with good taste to nail the cross-genre game like Azealia has and she's exceeded expectation without breaking a sweat. Congratulations to Ms. Banks for the new record deal: Universal is her new home.
Azealia Banks - Liquorice (prod. Lone)

It's the middle of the winter here in Chicago, but Perseus keeps the tropical vibes pumping. I can't thank you enough, kind sir.
Perseus - Cool Runnings

Disclosure doesn't stop making the most joyous UK Garage around. Make some babies or dance til dawn to this one.
Disclosure - Tenderly

 BONUS: New track from Disclosure that I'm anxiously awaiting the release of.

Random edit of a classic Kool & The Gang track, with an updated feel and nu-disco styling. Also could not be distributed (for free) in a post-SOPA/PIPA world... I hope you're starting to get the idea.
Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It (E-SIX Edit)

This edit by Jamie Jones is mean as hell and wholly unreleased. Look for this one in his signature sets or anywhere booties are shaken.
Electric Jones - Nasty's Party (Jamie Jones Edit) 

 BONUS: Superbomb Jamie Jones remix of Storm Queen coming soon from Defected.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse always surprise me with their beautifully spacious productions, and this one is no different. This track is ideal for those nights that go til 4AM.
M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade - Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Interstellar Mix)


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