Monday, January 23, 2012

Prince Club

Prince Club, comprised of two young house music producers from Montreal, has been consistently churning out high quality minimal deep house music for about a year now.  In this short amount of time, they have really set themselves apart with their recognizable unique style that is reminiscent of minimal techno, but with their own bass heavy touch and collection of crazy bleeps and bloops.  They have two EP's out and have played numerous heavyweight venues and festivals including Ministry of Sound in London and Nuits Sonores in Paris.  Their latest remix is something that sounds like it was spawned out of the sweaty basement of a German warehouse.  Complete with a crawling baseline and horror movie-esque vocal, this track makes you feel a little out of sorts in a great way.

For more things Prince Club:

If you like their style, then take a listen to the mix they did for Pulse Radio this past December.



Love, Patrick

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