Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Come One

Augustus threw up the deliciously deep Luca Lozano track "Thug It Out" the other day, but my god, the KWS (aka straight-outta-detroit-wonderkid Kris Wadsworth) version is on another level. Wadsworth slows things down to a pulsing 117 BPM and builds from the ground up all the way to the song's conclusion. With a menacing lead synth that can't make me think of anything else but a didgeridoo, everything comes together magnificently around the 4:20 mark, cementing the image of a basement, late-night, illicit rave party in the listener's brain (or at least mine). Stream a snippet below, and check the full EP on beatport.
 Luca Lozano - Thug It Out (KWS We Be Thuggin Remix) by Klasse Recordings

Still on that deeper tip, this one actually came out in November, but I get the feeling that it slipped under enough radars (including mine) to merit posting. Coming off the Need U Back EP, a collaboration between Andre Crom and Martin Dawson, it's the Homework remix that I favor. The dark, brooding bass-line of the original is good enough, but the added arrpegiated highs and airy atmospherics really set it off. Just another Homework production that I can't stop listening to.
Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - Need U Back (Homework Remix)

On the much funkier side, disco house duo J Paul Getto have been all up in my iTunes playlists lately with "Imma Let You Know", which samples the classic Black Moon track "Who Got Da Props?", which I think I even posted not too long ago. This one screams "Chicago", and I have no doubt you'll be be jackin' along to that crisp percussion. The breakdown around 3:50 is too good.
J Paul Getto - Imma Let You Know

And finally, I leave you with a number off of the much acclaimed Machinedrum album Room(s). If you haven't given it a listen yet, you're seriously slacking. It's magnificent. Peep this Resident Advisor review if you don't believe me (they don't hand out 5/5's too idly). "Come1" is the perfect uplifting, uptempo, piano house jam to start your night activities.
Machinedrum - Come1


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