Saturday, September 18, 2010


Whhaattuupp y'all, long time no see. I'm here today to bring you some of that good shit, some of of those huge tunes that sound perfect when they're much too loud to understand. That's right, this post is exclusively Clubhaus. I'm coming live and direct from my new home in Evanston, IL with some of the realest tracks you ever heard, so wipe the sleep out your eyes and clean your ears; this is gonna be a wild ride.

These joints define the future of clubhaus, incorporating the likes of progressive house and dirtydeep Dutch house.
Dem Slackers - Let's Go (Bart B More 'Lessgo' Remix)

Hardwell - Molotov (Original Mix)

Angger Dimas - Are You Ready (Original Mix)

Avedon is an American electro house producer out of LA and has won my heart with this progressive remix.
Sam Wilkes - Let Him Go (Avedon Remix)

Kissy Sell Out is a BBC Radio One DJ turned remixer with this, the best remix of Art vs. Science's creepy "Magic Fountain" I have yet heard.
Art vs. Science - Magic Fountain (Kissy Sell Out's Dark Crystal Version)

The German version of Jesus, TAI has got his shit together in such a violently refreshing way it is simply absurd. This man churns out the delicious, face-melting electro on such a consistent basis that he is not even allowed to step into Malaysian territory without fear of being immediately extradited. Prepare for the beatdown.
Wiley - Electric Boogaloo feat. J2K & Jodie Connor (TAI Remix)

Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (TAI Remix)

Mason - Exceeder (TAI Remix) [GREAT SCOTT!]

I have never wanted to dance more in my life than when I first heard this song. This is absolute filth. Well played, Ado.
Fatboy Slim vs. Herve - Machines Can Do The Work (Ado Done Most The Work Mix)

The much sought after version of "You Need A Ladder" that the mau5 drops in his sets, featuring Joel's answer to Luciana, (total fox) SOFI.
deadmau5 - Sofi Needs A Ladder

Now we're gonna play a little game. This next song is sampled on a song which is straight haus music. If you comment below with the song name I will send you $1 in US legal tender. Guessers, start your engines.

Gwen McCrae - All This Love I'm Giving

Sir Real


  1. Sampled in Cassius "Feeling For You"

  2. nice try, moe, but that wasn't the song i was looking for! think more recent and Swedish

  3. Sebastien Drums & Avicii - My Feeling for You