Thursday, September 9, 2010

Electric Zoo: Day 2

12:45 pm: Grum

Grum was incredible. I (Patrick) was the only one of the Bright&Shiny crew to make it to this early afternoon performance and I'm so glad that I did. Grum has been one of my favorite producers for quite a while now with his funky disco dance bass lines and genius remixes. Originality just oozes from this man. As he was strolling through the crowd after his set, I was lucky enough to be able to stop him and have a little chat. Quiet and reserved, he was kind enough to sign the cover of his new EP (I Can't Shake This Feeling) that I had picked up at the merchandise stand before his performance. Needless to say, I love him and everything he does.

5:00 pm: Moby

Moby was cool. He chose a really old school rave track list and threw in some remixes of his own classics like Porcelain. I realized about 10 minutes in that he was using the exact same track list from one of his DJ sets a year ago, but I didn't mind 'cause it was virtually a perfect track selection anyway. Here are some of our favorites from it.

6:30 pm: Boys Noize

[Sir Real's screen name] (4:59:14 PM): how unremarkable was boys noize
[Augustus' screen name] (5:02:23 PM): yeah i thought he was being too like industrial and austerely crazy german for my likes
[Augustus] (5:02:44 PM): i usually dont like being assaulted like that when im fuzzily ENJOYING MYSELF [CONTENT CENSORED]
[Augustus] (5:03:00 PM): he was being mean

[Note: We LOVE Boys Noize, his set at Electric Zoo just didn't do anything to build upon his legend]

8:30 pm: A-Trak

So stupid. This man can cut like none other... literally, considering he won DMCs World DJ Championship in 1997 at age 15. Not only was this man scratching like the world champ that he is, he was dropping the heat left and right. A-Trak is by all regards a first rate DJ in any situation and seems to be most at home when spinning house. Plus, he announced that "Barbara Streisand" is due out October 4th! Not that we here at Bright & Shiny don't already have it for you in full 320 kbps quality... so sneaky. Here are the tracks I was together enough to write down from the set, all of which KILLED on the Red Bull Music Academy set up.
Jack Beats - Out Of Body

A-Trak - Loonies To Blow

Rogerseventytwo - Take Me Higher

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (MAMIHLAPINATAPAI!)

9:30 pm: John Digweed

The deepest of the deep, John Digweed is a librarian of excellence in dance music. We had the opportunity to see Steve Aoki or Armin van Buuren during this time slot but chose instead to close out our experience at the Zoo with Mr. Digweed. I didn't even know any songs from the set because it was so deep (although there are a couple at the bottom, here), but it was goood and cleansed the soul with its minimal, bassy grooves. I had heard that this man was a legend and now I know why. If you ever have the opportunity to see John Digweed throw down I advise that you do so with haste.

Day 1 Wrap Up:

Axwell was dirty and functioned as the whole of Swedish House Mafia by dropping tons of SHM tracks including the amazing Miami 2 Ibiza. While my colleagues enjoyed the latter half of Benny Benassi, I (Patrick) couldn't resist heading over to catch some of this show. Axwell/SHM never do disappoint after all.

Patrick + Sir Real + Augustus


  1. SO HAPPY you posted all this shit, I'll be reliving it for weeks. A-trak was too legit