Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Original

Alright guys, I have exams this week and needn't be foolin' with lots of text. So here are a bunch of originals, one remix, and one selfproclaimed dubstep track (!!).

LeBatman is the newest addition to the super cool Shiny Disco Club label.

Shit Robot is a part of the all powerful DFA team. Honestly, just check out who else is on that label...

Jean Tonique is unsigned, but wont be for long if he keeps putting out disco dynomite, "like such as":

HR is part of Girlfriend Records. She is a girl and thus is awesome.

Alphabet Pony is a London based Electro/Dubstep/Electronica artist on Sharks & Tigers records. This song is labeled dubstep on their soundcloud aaaaand seeing as I rarely like dubstep, I just had to post this one.

Here we have Headman, who has produced a nifty little remix of an already awesome track.

This video was shown to me by Austin Monroe, voguing coach extraordinaire, and Reid Kutrow, who murders people.

Love, Patrick

[Post script from Sir Real]
Lil Wayne, in a beautiful return to form, brings a joint featuring Drake off Wayne's upcoming LP I Am Not A Human. "Laugh now, die later mothafucka/ You's a bitch, Beta Phi Beta mothafucka" Oh lordd, the Martian is back.
Lil Wayne - Gonorrhea (No Tags)

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