Thursday, September 30, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Part Three Finale

Hello. This is the third and final installment of Throwback Thursdays. I'll have more themed days of the week in the future, so fret not. Now for some more tunage that's been in my library for ages and never lets me down.

First up we have a remix by Pilooski that will leave you feeling like you were just abducted by aliens, and loved it. It's definitely an acquired taste. PS. Little children singing always enhances never detracts.

Now Paper Planes is a classic in and of itself, but how can you say no to a DFA remix? You can't. Bassliiiiiiiiine gimme more more more.

This is one of my earliest electro obsessions. It really just speaks for itself. Genius Tocadisco remix right here.

This song has a very different feel from most of the songs that I post. Danger Mouse turns this into a very smooth hiphop track with a lot of nice variation.

Much like everything Fred Falke does, this track is about 4 hours long. No really though, he's allowed to do that because he's a wizard for real. These synths take you on a magic carpet ride.

This original track by 80Kidz is just what I need after a long day.


This is one of many Mini Mixes that I will be putting out over the next couple months. They will all have different feels. This one is a slower, more low key mix. Good for getting some work done or relaxing. If you like it, download it for free (obviously) on my Soundcloud.

Track list:

1. Gorillaz - Empire Ants Ft. Little Dragon
2. Pance Party - Simi (Original Mix)

3. Touch Sensitive - Body Stop

4. Wave Machines - Keep The Lights On (Artwork Remix)

5. Coeur De Pirate - Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)

6. Miami Horror - Sometimes (Universe Remix)

7. Royksopp - This Space

Chromeo is fantastic. I saw them live and it only strengthened the bond of artist to fan. This video shows them doing some of their work acoustically and really just drives home the proof of their artistic ability. (Special thanks to The Haskell for this one)

Love, Patrick

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