Thursday, September 16, 2010

Throwback Thursdays: Part Two

It's the Thursday you've all been waiting for. The second installment of Throwback Thursday. These tunes have gotten me through some hard times. None of them are particularly new, but they're all particularly amazing. (PS. I want that shirt so badly ^)

As usual, Treasure Fingers spins webs of gold.

MillionYoung just recently came out with a new EP, Be So True.

This YACHT remix is so beautifully done. This song has been an inspiration fo real real.

Modest Mouse and Ratatat? Yes please.

BlacklightFlashlight is a college student from Ohio... That's all I really know. Dirty remix though...

I don't like the original but I lovelove this remix. PilotPriest, make more bangin' remixes please.

In case you didn't see this ever. See it now..

Love, Patrick

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  1. i wanna be just like techno viking when i grow up