Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Hey guys, it's Patrick and.................................I'm sleepy. These songs are real good. Trust in me, just in me.

This first song is pure craziness and I love it. Leno Lovecraft is a new face, at least for me, and from the looks of things he's got nowhere to go but up up up.

Rainbows of Death has become a staple on all my best playlists. They do good stuff.

Bloody Beetroots people. Two thumbs up for them. Relaaaax.

Drrrreeeeeaaaamm syyyynnthhsssssssssssss. Good job Anoraak.

After seeing Chromeo live, I've acquired an intangible bond to their music. This song is typical Chromeo, but oh so welcome.

This next song is awwwwesome. Savage Skulls and Douster recently released this song on Mad Decent. That's Robyn singing with her super Swedish voice.

This song isn't new, but that doesn't make any less good. Not really sure what genre to put this in.

Oh hi DCUP. I love you so much.

Irrelevant video of the day:

Love, Patrick

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