Friday, July 1, 2011

Radio Soulwax

Soulwax's new site is finally up after having been under construction for what felt like the last century. The plan is to make 24, one-hour-long mixes with accompanying animated cover art, like those which often accompany their live sets. Each set will have a different musical and visual theme, and this first mix is their favorite 420 song intros as expanded from the mini mix originally performed for BBC's Radio 1 a few years back. The animated cover art is both hilarious and trippy, making the mix almost more worth a look than a listen. But if you've ever wanted to brush up on some of the best records of the last 50 years, then the brothers Dawaele have got your back. They're simply role models for aspiring DJs the world over... the breadth of their musical knowledge is astounding.

Check out the first mix at and be sure to keep a look out for upcoming mixes from these Bright & Shiny Hall-of-Famers.


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