Saturday, July 9, 2011


Dayum I love me some promo action.

PIE Artists sent this little sneak peak of Prince Club's Ice-T EP the other day. It drops in two days on Jesse Rose's own Made To Play label which houses other Bright & Shiny favorites like Round Table Knights, Riva Starr, and Oliver $. I've been pushing these Canadian house maestros ever since I heard tracks like "Love Jackson" and "Buddy Holly", and the upcoming EP fits right in with that signature sound: a distinct old-school vibe with a modern gloss. The title track definitely jumped out at me the post, so I'll throw a little preview of it below. Be sure to check out the full release come July 11th people.
MTP042 01. Ice-T - Prince Club (snippet) OUT July 11th by Prince Club

I really can't tell you much about Rogue Vogue other than that, as his soundcloud mentions, he hails from Chicago and he makes beautiful beautiful music. "Sunshine'n" grabbed my attention immediately with its choice vocal sample and delectable piano hits. As the name suggests, this one is perfect to jam to in the summer sun, but I would encourage its use at any time of day really. Everbody loves the sunshine.

If that one didn't satisfy your need for groovy downtempo house music, this next one should do it. Dutch duo Homework's "Rally Racquet Club" EP dropped back in late June, but it's certainly not too late to get on board with these guys and their brand of slow burning house goodness. The title track steals the show with a bassline riff that'll embed itself in your head for days, but with remixes from the likes of Oliver $ and Samim, the entire release (again on Made to Play) is one worth two looks, so check it out, buy it out, and play it out, here. Made to Play is on its game right now, that's for sure.

This one's all the way back from 2010, but I just heard it for the first time in a mix and decided it would be criminal for you all not to have a listen if you don't have it already. A1 Bassline kills it with this one, that's all I'm going to/have the effort to say.

I haven't posted a hyuge bangor in a while, but a friend alerted me to this one the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. Well, not really pleasantly, because the song is absolutely terrifying, but terrifying in the best way possible. Hold on to those bowels people.



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