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Nicky Romero's masterful reworking of Green Velvet's Flash is a track that everyone has heard by now, (whether they know it or not) as it was played at just about every festival in the world for this past year. Romero has come up with another huge track on his remix of Sidney Samson's Dynamite here. The name 'Dynamite' is fitting because thats exactly what this track is.. dynamite. The drop is  ridiculously big. The first time I heard it I thought it was almost too jarring how suddenly it just slams you in the face, but the more and more I'm listening to it the more I'm realizing it's straight genius. I can't even imagine this track blasting out of the speakers in a festival setting... it would be simply ridiculous. Crank this one up to 11 and fast forward to the 1:00 minute mark
Sidney Samson, Tara McDonald - Dynamite (Nicky Romero Remix)

I'm actually completely mystified that this next track never got more attention from everyone, including by myself. I only bothered to download it the other day, but why I have no idea. Avicii and Daft Punk, that's like a dream combination.. And this track actually lives up to the hype. Avicii takes the ominous Daft Punk track Derezzed from the recent Tron movie and transforms it into an elating wondrous chunk of melodic house. I remember Avicii dropping this main stage at ultra and watching  the entire crowd go berserk, people jumping all over the place and every single hand reaching straight into the air.. This one's a banga
Daft Punk - Derezzed (Avicii Remix)

Up next I have two new tracks from Dutch duo Bingo Players. Just a warning, if you're looking for another 'Cry (Just A Little)' you're not about to get it. These two tracks are more along the lines of the duo's first breakthrough hit 'Devotion,' showcasing a really unique, stripped-down tribal style of dutch house. Both of these tracks are completely bonkers. Fellow Dutch duo Chocolate Puma's deserves credit for their influence on the second track, 'Disco Electrique' too.
Bingo Players - Get On Move (Original Mix)

Bingo Players & Chocolate Puma - Disco Electrique (Vocal Mix)

Swedish youngster Alesso has been on the tip of everyone's tongue recently after his massive remix of Pressure basically took over the world, getting a #1 spot on the beatport charts and finding its way into sets by everyone from Avicii to Swedish House Mafia. He's back here on a huuuuge remix of the recent SHM single 'Save The World', taking the track and giving it a (much needed) harder edge than the original. The drop around the 4:30 mark is incredible.
Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Alesso Remix)

Rising Dutch star R3hab shows here that he can do more than the standard off-the-wall dutch house drops that he's known for, going for a more progressive leaning sound on this one. Absolute big-room thumper, this song shows why R3hab's one of the fastest growing names coming out of the Netherlands right now. BOMB
Cahill, Joel Edwards - In Case I Fall (R3hab Remix)

Finally I need the help of everyone in the Bright & Shiny nation with a beatport account on this one. Whether you know it or not, there's currently a remix competition going on for Afrojack & Quintino's track Selecta. The winner gets an official release on Afrojack's label, Wall Recordings, along with a bunch of other cool stuff. My good friend Ekstra has recently submitted his own remix, and I need all of your help in the voting process to help get him some attention. The voting is really simple, all you have to do is go to THIS PAGE, log in on the top right and then hit 'spin it' on the player next to his song. Any support would be awesome, this kid works really hard and could really use the recognition. Plus his remix is about 20 million times better than every single one ahead of him in the voting process (check for yourself, all the other ones are garbage). Let's get this kid some spins!
Peep two of his newest tracks below, including the Afrojack Remix:

Atmos w/ Florence and the Machine - You Got the Love (Acapella) (Ekstra Bootleg) by Ekstra

Afrojack & Quintino - Selecta (Ekstra Remix) by Ekstra

Oh and, watch this if you want to have your mind blown by a 17 year old French kid:

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