Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Now That Aint Right

In case you didn't notice the lack of an EDC Vegas review on our part, it should be noted that we were unable to attend. Sad, but true. Anyways, I found myself drooling over countless videos the other day and came across a couple shot at the main stage that made me backhand myself for not going. One featured Afrojack dropping this PeaceTreaty remix and the other was of Avicii playing his unreleased acid house tune, "Papa Was a Rolling Stone". I thought I couldn't be a bigger fan, but then he goes ahead and samples The Temptations. Fuckin' genius.
PeaceTreaty cuts out the second-half dubstep of the original and keeps it in the house. Certified BOMB
Sporty-O & Whiskey Pete - Heard of Us (PeaceTreaty Remix)

This rip was the best full version I could find and should tide you over until the official release, which will hopefully come sooner rather than later.
Avicii - Papa Was A Rolling Stone (128 kbps)

Definitely an oldie, but I came across this aptly named tune on shuffle and thought it deserved some postage.
Ichisan - Space Patrol

Grum has an uncanny ability to inject a fresh new twist into every remix he does. He puts his talents on display once again with this remix of "Skeleton", one of three songs off the recent EP by The Good Natured.
The Good Natured - Skeleton (Grum Remix)

Steed Lord's "The Eddie House" EP dropped yesterday and is a wonderful tribute to their house roots. They describe it as being "packed with burning hot disco house anthems with a french touch for all your 24-hour-daylight-bbq-pool-party-needs!" The first track, "You", is actually the first song they ever wrote and recorded together as a band, it was just never officially released. This is house music at its finest and I encourage all of you to grab the entire EP here, where you can also listen to each entire song.
Steed Lord - Im Coming Over by Steed Lord

Here are a couple of gems off another brand new EP, this time courtesy of Teenage Bad Girl. Fellow frenchie Alan Braxe and Bart B More throw their distinct flavors on the track and make some magic. These two are far and away my favorites. I have never not completely enjoyed a production from either of these guys. Braxe's has a little more groovy and smooth feel to it while Bart's hits a little harder (something I'm sure everyone has come to expect from him).
Teenage Bad Girl - X Girl (Alan Braxe Remix)

Teenage Bad Girl - X Girl (Bart B More Main Remix)

- Jimmy

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