Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Never Lose A Beat

First up today is an Attack Yourself! Re-Edit of a remix that Art Department put together for Azari & III. Those are three names that anyone should love to see grouped together on the same track. This was actually released a couple of months ago on Attack Yourself's SoundCloud page, but we never got around to posting it in all its wonderful glory. The lyrics and vocal lines are infectious and the beefy percussion has even the least coordinated of us moving to the beat. I'm pretty sure listening to this track just makes you a cooler person overall.
Azari & III - Hungry For The Power (Art Department Remix - Attack Yourself! Re-Edit)

Yuksek (aka Pierre-Alexandre Busson) is one Frenchy that rarely produces a bad remix. Taking a great original from one of my preferred indie bands, Noah and the Whale, Yuksek transforms this track into an upbeat, synth heavy jamboree. How nice of him to give this bad boy away for free.

This next track is piano stabs central. I am such a sucker for acoustic piano synths... they sound so organic and beautiful. Charles I released this remix for free on his SoundCloud page and I have not been able to get it out of my head since first hearing it. Signed to Stardust Records in LA, Sam Luria is quickly ascending the staircase to super-coolness.

DC's own Volta Bureau is comprised of Will Eastman (Co-owner of U Street Music Hall), Outputmessage, and Micah Villien. They are relatively new to the scene as a group and I had the distinct pleasure of watching them open for Treasure Fingers several weeks ago. One of their newer tracks, On Your Own, was recently uploaded for free for your listening pleasure. If you haven't already, get a taste of what they have to offer below and lookout for their first single, Hope, which drops this August.

Now this next update is quite exciting. Fool's Gold proprietor and music industry wunderkind, A-Trak, announced yesterday that he will be initiating a new radio show with Sirius XM's Electric Area. The very first mix for Fool's Gold Radio has been released and I must say, I'm really looking forward to this radio show. The third Monday of each month, the world will be graced with yet another hour long mix from one of the stellar producers on this magical label. You take me higher than I've ever been babayyyyyyy. Grab it for yourself below.


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