Friday, July 22, 2011

"You ain't got no job, you ain't got shit to do!"

IT'S FRIDAY. Enough with the deep house, Friday deserves some fresh electro stylings to supply you with the beats you need to power your weekend.

First up, there's a new deadmau5 track that's hit the internet this week which was expertly ripped in good quality from his set at Amnesia, Ibiza. This track is a true return to form for Joel, a man who we at Bright & Shiny despise for his hands-off approach to performing live (and recent obsession with dupstep (?)) while absolutely deifying him for his unprecedented and unrivaled sound and attention to detail in his productions. Techier vibes and a pounding 4-on-the-floor beat are employed here amongst familiar, yet fresh analog synth work from the deadmau5. I just hope this signals a return to progressive/tech haus for the mau5, two genres he changed forever.
deadmau5 - Where Are My Keys (Set Rip)

One more rip for the road, this one from the combined forces of Thomas Gold and Dirty South. A huge banger is coming from these two that gives you both sides of the progressive coin: soaring, hands in the air synths and pounding computer noise at the breakdown. The release date is pending but be sure to look out for the full release: this one's BIG.
Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Alive ft. Kate Elsworth

No idea who this Arty kid is and its Friday so I'm not about to find out, but check out minute three of this track for an absolutely stunning big-room melody, albeit poorly leveled.
Arty - Around the World (Original Mix)

Canblaster has been killing the competition lately and has found himself a new and promising sound: its a sort of melding of fat bass music with an electro sensibility combined with abundant and gorgeous, get this, PIANO STABS. Yeah, that sounds good enough eat, right? Forget that, this new sound can feed a family of four, pay for their schooling, and put a roof over their heads. Watch for Canblaster and his crew, Club Cheval, to be doing big things in the future.
The Count & Sinden - Future (Canblaster Remix)

The internet has been a-buzz ever since videos of Harvard Bass dropping this track surfaced, and now its finally here. A low-lying electro banger that positively pulses through your body, this massive tune is only to be played on systems with sub-woofers large enough to blow over a kindergartner.
Light Year - 5 Girls (Harvard Bass Remix)

Speaking of Light Year, these Australian boys known for their techno sensibilities have just remixed an Alex Gopher track (which coincidentally reminds me of this Alex Gopher track) and they've gone full electro. They begin firmly in electro territory with throbbing synths yet slowly the song devolves into a banging acid house rendition. As the song transforms you will similarly begin to devolve into a state of lunacy, but fear not for as long as you are conscious of your transformation there is a chance you will not compulsively burn your house down.
Alex Gopher - Virages (Light Year Remix)

No go out and see what kinds of trouble you can get into, ya little rascals!


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