Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back To The Beats

So the website's back in working order (shoutout to our boy Winston) everybody. We know these last 20 hours or so have been excruciatingly painful, so here's a few tunes that should turn that frown right upside down.

I thought RipTide only did over-the-top electro with loads of bass, but after hearing this remix I guess I was definitely wrong. The vibes on this one are great all the way through and every layer is tastefully organized. A really good blend of indie-dance with some electro stylings. The whole EP this one comes from is stacked from top to bottom, including an awesome Bart B More remix. Check it out on beatport HERE.
Download: Baskerville - Devil's Town (RipTide Remix)

Some bonkers dutch house here. I really, really love Gregori Klosman. Everything the dude makes blows my mind with how strange and thoroughly dance-inducing it is.
Download: Bob Sinclair - Rainbow of Love (Gregori Klosman & Danny Wild Remix)

The drop on this one, like the name suggests, is literally epic. EPIC. Genuinely the only word in the English language to explain it.
Download: Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic (Original Mix)

Two amazing pieces of pounding pounding techno music from Cirez D (aka Eric Prydz). Mokba was chilling in the beatport top 10 for a little bit, and I can see why. Go pay the man and buy the EP.
Download: Cirez D - Mokba (Original Mix)

Download: Cirez D & Acki Kokotos - Tommorow (Original Mix)

Bob Marley done house style? Yes please.
Download: Bob Marley - One Love (TJR Remix) removed by request

Also be on the lookout for our forthcoming review of the HARD warehouse rave/afterparty hosted by The Well (aka one of the coolest nights in the history of planet earth)

Stay Classy,

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