Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Claude VonStroke at U Street Music Hall, Washington, DC 8/3/2011

Last night, the nation's capitol was fortunate enough to be blessed by the bass-laiden sounds of deep tech house maestro, Claude VonStroke. The Dirty Bird label boss and world-renowned DJ took over U Street Music Hall with a devastating selection of thumpin' jams and good vibes that had the dance floor pulsing well into the wee hours of the morn. NOTE: All songs in this post must be played loudly and with sufficient bass (read: LOTS) or you're literally missing the whole point.

Download: Claude VonStroke - Chimps (Re-Edit)

His performance reinforced why he's properly revered around the world as a DJ and pioneer of the bass-fueled sub-genre of modern house. His set ebbed and flowed with the distinct touch of greatness, as we found ourselves marveling at the unique sounds percolating from of the speakers one moment, and then jacking uncontrollably the next.

Download: Claude VonStroke & Justin Martin - Beat That Bird (Original Mix)

At no point in the three hour, genre-defying set did Claude let up, feeding the packed dancefloor consistently with some of the best tracks I've ever laid ears on. Not once did he let the knowing smile fall from his face as he poked and prodded the fine people of DC with beautiful bass and wondrous treble.

Download: Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit (Original Mix)

At one point I suggested he play "Battle for Middle You" by Bright & Shiny All-Star Julio Bashmore, an artist Claude is credited for discovering and a track that I've been playing non-stop since May, but have never had the fortune of hearing in a club setting. I held a desperate message up to the DJ booth, thinking now might be my chance to hear it with the full force only a PA can afford you, but Claude met my plea with only a smile and a shrug, as if to explain that the song simply wouldn't work right then. I didn't mind, as the man clearly knows way more than I do about every subject in the universe, and I encouraged him despite it.

Download: Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You (Original Mix)

Later on, around 3AM as his time was winding down, Claude did something up there I'll never forget and can't quite explain.  As I heard the wonky "wow-wow's" of "Battle for Middle You" jump brashly from the speakers I went mental, yelling and screaming at the top of my lungs... And others joined me as the track crescendoed, sending the club into a bass-fueled frenzy. Claude of course had the good sense to the play track all the way out, providing the perfect end to a phenomenal set of retro-future house music.



  1. Shittt, I waz chillin thur wit mah boy Will Eastinfection, and dat negro dropped battle for middle you. I waz like damnnnn

  2. Hahaha Eastinfection!... I waz like damnnnn

  3. ahahahh boi ya look like a eastinfection

  4. great review! wish i was there!