Monday, August 22, 2011

Exclusive Bright & Shiny Mixtape by Zooash: Tekno Excursion Edition

Bright & Shiny is proud to present to you, our lovely readers, an exclusive mix from up-and-coming German DJ/producer Zooash. More on him in a moment, but for now let me tell you that this mix should not be played in the vicinity of the mentally unstable, small children, or evangelical Christians. If it is pounding, pounding techno music you seek, then look no further. The Exclusive Bright & Shiny Mix by Zooash: Tekno Excursion Edition is here to sate your desires and take you on an tekno journey of insane proportion. And now a word from the mix's architect...

“Massive Beats for the Bourgeoisie”

Since the fall of 2010, the name Zooash has been synonymous with huge breaks, massive electro vibes and European nights filled with the sounds of acid. But Zooash isn’t just a new face in the scene. In fact, he’s worked on various electronica-projects since 2008, lending him prodigious production skill and veteran-status in the game. But Zooash doesn’t stop there; he is also one half of techno/electro duo “D!ZKO DANZE”, based in Dresden. On top of all that, Zooash is also a member of CATBOT,” a Hyperjazz-Duo from Portland, OR. Yeah, this dude makes HYPERJAZZ when he’s not mixing pounding techno tracks or punching Grizzly bears in the mouth.

These days, Zooash is enjoying considerable success, with his mixes receiving big support from the likes of Dem Slackers, Wazabi, Vecho, Beens, Mr. Skeleton and the crazy guys from Mako Records. Just in 2010, Zooash supported the Green Label Sound family on Chromeo’s “Business Casual Tour” alongside Holy Ghost!. Keep a look out for his upcoming, premier releases on Freaks Like Us Records and Klangekstase Records. And be sure to check out his facebook and soundcloud for all the newest Zooash remixes, edits, and mixes.

Exclusive Bright & Shiny Mix by Zooash: Tekno Excursion Edition by Bright & Shiny

1. Kolombo - Sniff
2. Acidroid - Funkin Acid
3. Gesaffelstein & The Hacker - Crainte (Original Mix)
4. Baskerville - Leecher (Original Mix)
5. Bart B More & Drop The Lime - The Bass (Original Mix)
6. Audionite - Kling Klong (Zooash 6am Edit) [PROMO]
7. ?????? - ??? ???? (Zooash Rework) [PROMO]
8. Jan Driver - Raveyard (Original Mix)
9. Arnaud Rebotini - All You Need Is Techno (Gesaffelstein Remix)
10. Attaque - False
11. Supabeatz - Pancho (SCNTST Edit)
12. Mr Oizo - Sucer Danser (Audionite Remix)
13. Reset - Love & Revolution (Original Mix)
14. The Brash - Mute (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
15. Djedjotronic - Bugle (Planisfear Remix)
16. Booble - Stachus (Jumping Jack Flash Rework)
17. Nobody Beats The Drum - Poisson Vert (TWR72 Remix)
18. Clash The Disko Kids - Gtek (Fat and Ugly Remix)
19. Eric Tarlouf - Commitment (Maxime Dangles remix)
20. TENTEN - Cairo (Zooash Remix) [PROMO]

Good luck sleeping tonight.


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