Thursday, August 25, 2011

the 600

Guess what? Bright & Shiny has just reached 600 likes on facebook and to celebrate we're giving away our brand new, never before seen, limited-edition Bright & Shiny stickers!

Guess what else? You would have known that three days ago if you followed us on facebook or twitter! Way to go, ya dungle!

So before we go any further, you had better be sure to follow us on both. All the cool kids are doing it.

B&S on facebook
B&S on twittar

To win, simply tweet @Br1ghtShiny with the hashtag #stickaz for your chance to win some nice, vinyl stickers! Many will enter, few will win.

Guess what else you would've seen if you followed us on facebook like everyone else? This hilarious preview of Dada Life's new track, "Happy Violence." Did he just slap the other guy with bacon?  Sounds promising.



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