Monday, August 1, 2011

SCNTST [Boys Noize Records // Munich]

Sonic pioneer and visionary, Alex Ridha (AKA Boys Noize) has once again impressed the EDM world with his ability to identify young talent in his own backyard. Brand new BNR signee SCNTST is a freak, and the label knows it, stating on the artist's page "SCNTST is not normal. He is sick. He is avantgarde. He still lives at his parent’s house." At the astoundingly young age of 17 years, SCNTST, or Bryan Müller as he is known to his parents, has already cultivated an incredibly unique and mature sound with only 1 (ONE!) year's experience with Ableton; a sound he calls "advanced techno." Don't sleep on this kid, he's a scientist if I've ever seen one.

[download] SCNTST - Phonoton (Original Mix)

And be sure check out this mix, a super thick techno/tech house introduction to the ways of the SCNTST, complete with some of my favorite tunes of the year. This is sure to get your body moving.




  1. SON, dis juant be repping me tha right way

  2. Great Track!! Great site too btw.

  3. ^^funny thing is, neither of you are Tiesto or SCNTST

  4. Hate texts like that. Well he is good at producing , but i cannot hear the unique sound or something like that.

    Don't know why the media always thinks to massively exaggerate with the texts, it sucks.

    Congratz to Scntst but the Text and not only even this isn't true, only thing that is true is,that he is a nice producer with ableton daw, nothing more to me

  5. anonymous, I understand where you're coming from but I honestly only post things I believe in... and SCNTST is one of them.

    So I'm sorry you thought my words were hyperbolic but I can honestly say that I have only heard ONE song in my life that sounds anything like SCNTST's work, and that's "Loreley" by Kolsch, a song which is an anomaly as far as I'm concerned.

    Plus, did you listen to the mix? The kid DJ's like a freakin animal.

  6. the kid dj's with ableton

  7. yeah know evry song of him, and cannot find that unique sound bnr trax is speaking from. Sry..

    and djs like a freaking animal? not really..