Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Art & Soul

The new Jan Driver EP, AMT, which dropped on the 5th on Boys Noize Records, is a fearsome collection of electro & techno noises that I highly recommend to all of you, with each track guaranteed to pack a fat fucking punch on any decent subs. My two picks from the assortment have to be "Golden Super" and "Raveyard". The former happens to be the black sheep of the release in that it strays away from those darker sounds, instead providing the listener with more than a healthy serving of thick-cut funk. The latter couldn't be more different, dishing out scary amounts of heaviness and distortion rather than happy bass-lines. As I said before, they're all worth a listen, so check 'em out through beatport here and grab the promo quality mix of "Raveyard" below.

I feel like it's been a while since we posted some more disco-y, filter house type jams on here, but fortunately I just got a hold of these two guys and I haven't been able to hit the pause button on either yet. The first is a remix of a Spiller track from a young gun who helped get me so into the EDM scene in the first place, Louis La Roche. The second is an edit from Italian disco king His Majesty Andre off the latest Ridney release. Both are uplifting, disco inspired anthems that pack the perfect amount of punch, and that you won't stop dancing to if you got any sense in you.

This very well may be my favorite track of the entire summer, coming from none other than T.E.E.D., who has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in the dance music world recently. It's tracks like this one that show why everyone's all over this dude. He gives Friendly Fires the remix treatment here, blending some sun-drenched, almost low-fi sounds with brilliantly knockin' percussion and vocal chop-ups (lots of hyphens in that one). It'd be criminal to give this one in full quality freely, so grab a 192 copy below to hold you over and support the release on beatport for that 320 goodness (it's so worth it).

Always love getting stuff from the La Bombe label, which was started by one of our favorite producers (and past interviewee) Sharooz. They sent over this monster release from their own BEENS and Dachstuhl and even a quirky remix from Southern Fried's Nom De Strip. Both are bass heavy fiyuh breathers, check out the previews below and mark your calendars for the beatport release on the 15th!

And finally, I share with you all a preview of "Blotter", a new, acid filled & french touch inspired track from Decalicious off their Blotter Notes EP, soon to be released on Guys N Dolls Records. I cannot wait to grab a full copy of this track, which has already seen big support from huge acts like Mixhell, Shameboy, and even Digitalism on their latest tour. This is the first I've heard from this duo but I strongly doubt it will be the last; keep an eye out EP's drop on the 15th.


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