Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yes It Is

We posted Uffie's single "Difficult" a while back, and since then I've encountered some quality remixes that deserve to be shared with you all. Mysterious and Canadian duo Azari & III are responsible for the first, drifting from their usual 90's classic house vibe with some upbeat, bouncy synths and percussion. Next one is from Uffie's labelmate, SebastiAn, who brings the that heavily distorted grungy sound he's become notorious for. (here's the download link for the original)

Next, we have a track from Australian house producer Kraymer. It starts off innocently enough, some catchy vocal chops and a pretty house feel, but then launches unexpectedly into a grimy-ass bassline that you best be prepared for.

I'll always have a soft spot for filter house, especially if guys like Leonardus keep cranking out tunes like this. The production is typical of the Dutchman and'll be sure to get you moving through the rest of your Tuesday.

Alright, now we'll move onto the heavier stuff, beginning with none other than Steve Angello, whose remixes and originals are pretty much synonymous with "massive". This edit of "Where You Are" is of course, no exception, building steadily into a huge, ravey drop right before the 3:00 minute mark. And it only gets better from there. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

I'm just becoming familiar with Max Bett, a rising tech-house producer out of Russia with skills beyond his years. His minimalistic synth melodies and addictive tribal percussion combine to create a seriously trance-inducing sound, as evidenced by this original.

Augustus warned you, and now it's here. Dada Life's latest is an absolute banger, exactly what we've come to expect from these crazy ass swedes. Nothing more really needs to be said about it. Give it a listen, show the guys some love, and buy the track on beatport here so we can all keep on doin the Dada.


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