Monday, October 4, 2010

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Mondays. Grrrrrrrrrrrreat. Just sit back, relax, and follow.

Mayer Hawthorne has an amazing, soulful, and smooth voice. He recently began his latest tour, and released a track from his upcoming album. The glorious Classixx are collaborating with Mayer and producing this new album, which essentially guarantees its success. This is all very very exciting.

Metric, in a wonderful gesture towards their fans, decided to release all of the song stems for their 2009 album, Fantasies. This allows for professional musicians and amateur hobbyists alike to try their hand at remixes. Inevitably, there are tons of good remixes floating around. This well done take on Collect Call by Cosmonaut Grechko is very relaxing and dreamy.

Seattle based sci-fi/glam/pop quintet, Jupe Jupe is clearly not afraid to forge their own versatile path while striving to achieve the originality that is so present in their music.

I'm usually not a fan of remixes of Daft Punk songs (because they're already perfect), but Revolte, after a long period of dormancy, has returned to producing wonderful electro.


Yeah, I know I said that I'd be releasing these mixes over the next several months, but I can't resist inspiration when it comes knocking. So, 4 days later, here is a substantially longer (40 minutes) mix that incorporates mainly uptempo dance tracks. Great for working out, dance parties, or drowning out your annoying room mate. Again, enjoy the free download on my soundcloud.

Now, I know you might think that I'm making some sort of political statement by posting this video. I'm not. Honestly though, it's simply hilarious regardless of your affiliation. Special thanks for this video goes to my 'may as well be brother', Jimmy Sloan.

Love, Patrick

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