Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everybody's Singin

Whattup everyone. I've got more new tunes that I'm pumped to share today. Acquiring these babies has gotten me through the week so far; they're guaranteed to help you finish out yours. From some fresh nu-disco to electro bangers, no matter what you're yearnin' for today, I've got what you need.

Porter Robinson. This North Carolina whiz kid topped the Beatport charts at only 18 years old with his genre-smashing hit "Say My Name". He's only getting better guys. Here's one of his latest releases, chock full of dubsteppy wobbles, electro-house hooks, and a dirty vocal sample. Beware the Porter Robinson takeover.

More North Carolina produced goodness, this time from Bright & Shiny favorite Hidden Cat. Known for spitting out some dreamy, trance-inducing remixes, with this original he shows us a bit of his harder side. Love it.

Delectable Dem Slackers remix from Evil Nine. This UK duo bring along a classic house sound and signature vocal chop-ups to every mix. And is it just me, or is everyone using those synths from Soulwax's remix of "Frequency"?

Back to the lighter side, I have a maaagnificent remix from His Majesty Andre of Voodoo Chilli's "Love Songs". Everything about this song is so damn funky it's almost too much. No, actually it's just right.

Alright guys. I give up. Honestly, Treasure Fingers is too good. I can't get enough of this Atlantian's stuff. Found this track floating around the web the other day, and instantly fell in love. The vocals, the bassline, the drums, everything fits together so well it's redonkulous. And did I mention it's really good?

To finish, I leave you with the hilarious video for Burns and Fred Falke's new collaboration Y.S.L.M. (You Stopped Loving Me). I could not be more excited for this to be released.

And, as if that wasn't enough, here's the Treasure Fingers remix to hold you over until the original is released.


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