Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't Joke With Me

Halloween is nearly upon us and all you're trying to do is have a good time with some good people. Let me aid you in your quest for fun by supplying you with the soundtrack to your weekend.

Digitalism are dropping their new EP, Blitz, on November 8th (!!!!). You can sniff around for the 128 of the original, but I'd just wait for the 320 and buy it. In the mean time, satiate your ever present Digitalism craving with this awesome remix by Villa, two Belgian fellows by the names of Thang and Fredo... what else.

Comprised of a classically trained pianist and bass player, The Baldives come at you all the way from Australia with some of their first original material. Don't forget about these two.

"My name is Myndset. I am a DJ/Producer for Megaclite, the 62nd moon of Jupiter. I've fled my intergalactic abode due to an escalating racial genocide problem with the avatars and landed upon this small place called Earth." Yeah ok, great remix!

Guys, it's Todd Edwards. Legendary man. Great chopped vocals and amazing piano ostinatos.

Tennishero is a Swedish duo that is currently putting out some inspiring chill electro that is great for that sleepy sunday. The airy synths and dreamy vocals will have you soaring through the clouds.

Here's some absolutely danceable disco house from Rockets, aka Fred Oliveira. Love that synth part that comes in around 3:02.

U-Tern really remixes a great roster of songs. The more I hear from this beautiful Canadian man, the more I anticipate his next moves. Loving how well the synths/bassline/vocals all mesh so well in this track.


Super Mal have been producing since 2006, so I'm not sure why this is the first I'm hearing about them. But from the sound of things, this certainly wont be the last we hear of these boys.

Tahiti 80 just recently put out an EP, Solitary Bizness. Check out the colorful new video for said single.

Happy Halloween
Love, Patrick

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