Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Seduction

A-Trak may be a DJ of legendary stature, but the man rarely puts out original productions in either of his spheres of influence: hip-hop and electro/house. This, however, is one of those rare and fortunate occurrences. The beat is super dope with some clear electro production tricks as inspiration, and the raps are fire, courtesy of CyHi Da Prince who recently signed to Kanye West's label, G.O.O.D. Music.
A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision ft. CyHi Da Prince

This is a track produced by Bright & Shiny longtime friend and collaborator Adam Boulesbaa with MF Doom vocals are laid over top to deter all you punk-ass, biters out there. Adam may or may not have a track coming out with CyHi (for those of you in the hip-hop game, you know how it is...) so we'll be sure to keep you updated.
MF Doom - Vomit (Adam Boulesbaa Remix)

The Squatters made their first impression on the Bright & Shiny crew with their track "Monster" and boy, was it a strong one. The diversity of sound and simultaneous quality of the Squatters' productions is astounding, and they're still on the up and up. This track is a kind of goofy, electro blast of fun. And for our UK readers: they're on tour!
The Squatters - Fluffer (No Organ Original Mix)

The Squatters - Monster (Original Mix)

I knew Tinie Tempah had talent from his collaboration with Swedish House Mafia, but I must admit my general knowledge of the Tempah was straight lacking. This guy is accessible, flows like a motherfucker, and knows exactly what beats he sounds good over. If this track ever makes it to the US mainstream it will become an anthem. Mark my words. It's got all the necessary ingredients: swagger on swagger, "The Hills" references, and a hook about everyone's favorite activity, drinking. Oh and I forgot to mention, the beat fuckin' knocks, play it loud. Thanks to Abboud's french ass for showing me this gem.
Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

the Clubhaus

Dillon Francis, GDD crew member and Masta Blasta extraordinaire, burst onto the scene earlier this year and made a name for making absolutely filthy dubstep. We're talking positively disgusting. But you all know that dubstep just isn't for us here at Bright & Shiny, although we recognize and appreciate it. Recently, Francis has made a few electro tracks in which he favors an afro-latin beat instead of his go-to dubstep studder, and they've all been absolute cash. Check out his reinterpretation of own his track with DJ Ammo, "Westside." I can just imagine dropping this track in a set at a slightly higher bpm to absolutely devastating effect.
Dillon Francis & DJ Ammo - Westside (Dillon Francis Moombahton Edit)

Acid track from Bright & Shiny hall of famers, Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo. Watch out for the third drop where the acidity gets jacked up by a factor of ten.
Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene ft. Miss Kittin (Chuckie & Silvio Ecomo Acid Mix)

is making some moves and they're aimed at the throne of frenetic electro/house king, Wolfgang Gartner. Freaky, pounding progressive beats beneath sing-a-along vocals make this track a great success. Be sure to pick up the original mix on beatport.
Dan Thomas, Mad - This Year (Zedd Remix)

Also, be sure to look out for my upcoming review of Jamaica and the Bloody Beetroots - Death Crew 77 in 4 days!

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