Thursday, October 14, 2010

C'mon Give Me A Break

Starsmith first caught my attention for his production on Ellie Goulding's fantastic single "Starry Eyed." As an up and coming pop producer, I never have expected much from his original mixes, but this track is a surprisingly delightful nu-disco house jam. Look out for his debut solo single to be released on Neon Gold, coming this October 18th.
Starsmith - Give Me A Break (Radio Edit)

Parisian new-kids-on-the-block Gliterium have here some delicious disco house flavor for your ear.
Gliterium - Deep Down Inside

I know it might seem like the world is coming to an end, what with Bright & Shiny posting TWO dubstep songs in a week, but at least let me try to explain. I heard this song at a frathouse the other night, and was drawn to the dank hip-hop beat at the beginning. When the wompwomp comes in the songs goes downhill fast, but I find myself able to tolerate this sort of dubstep, or Dup-Hop as we here at Bright & Shiny have coined it, because of the compelling hip-hop beat fixed firmly beneath the womps, as opposed to the usual reggae-inspired dub beats or driven d&b beats which dominate the dubstep landscape. Props to Bassnectar.
Bassnectar - Bass Head (Original Mix)

We've been supporting Porter Robinson, 19 year old from Chapel Hill, NC, for quite a while now. I have not been too impressed by his new single "I'm On Fire," no disrespect to PK, but there's no doubting the kid is talented and I do have a couple of incredible remixes to share with you all. Right from the very beginning of every track you can distinctly hear the presence of Robinson's self-appointed primary influence, Wolfgang Gartner. And this is most certainly a good thing. Robinson takes the programming insanity that Gartner brings to the table and proceeds to smash it into as many things as he can. Robinson's frenetic productions have clear elements of electro, house, dubstep, progressive house and trance, yet as a whole his productions sound cohesive and resist genre categorization. Well played, my friend. First up is Robinson's hotly anticipated collaboration with Lazy Rich, "Hello," featuring Sue Cho on vocals. Second is his remix of Tim Berg's "Seek Bromance," a song whose many iterations never really really clicked with me. This outstanding remix gives the prog house anthem a thick electro sheen.
Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich - Hello ft. Sue Cho (Radio Edit)

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance ft. Amanda Wilson (Porter Robinson Remix)

the Clubhaus

Australian duo Light Year have come up with a winning combination. "Sex Education" blends a heaping serving of funk with wonderfully strange computer noises reminiscent of Soulwax/2 Many DJs. Maybe that's why they've been getting so much support from the brothers Dawaele and good friend Tiga. Yeah, you need to hear this fucking song. No release information yet, but these two are working on a new EP entitled "Five Girls" so keep your eyes out for some more of this techno funk.
Light Year - Sex Education

Big, fat yet deep, prog house bomb from the afrolatin Dutch master, Gregor Salto. I love Salto's consistently fantastic employment of knocking afrolatin drum patterns, but he even used a like pattern for his lead synth this time around. The Dutch are ahead of the game, like usual. Watch out for the final drop where Salto throws the lead synths from the original into the mix, forging an undeniable clubhaus anthem.
Chris Kaeser - Go Deeper ft. Erire (Gregor Salto Remix)

Sir Real

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