Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Play With Matches.

If you got a pair of headphones. You better get'em on and get'em cranked up.

Gigamesh just put this up on his Soundcloud 2 days ago out of the kindness in his heart, and as usual, his amazing disco renditions are exactly what I need to get into the Friday swing of things.

I don't know much about this Arizona based DJ that goes by the name of Mercurius FM, but I'd keep an eye for him in the future.

Hemingway's myspace is awesome. His music is awesome. Thus, he is, by default, awesome. And Canadian.

Bag Raiders just came out with their excellent self titled debut album on Oct. 1. Pop music done right guys.

Maur Due & Lichter is an Austrian duo that actually released an album, Another Day, not too long ago. This is a shining example of how to remix an already amazing Zero 7 and Jose Gonzales song.

Cassius never fails to put out good tunes. Cassius Records is in take a guess..... Paris, France. So French. So French.

HOAX just released this EP on October 12th. Mmmm brand new nougaty goodness.

Fare Soldi literally has the midas touch. See for yourself. Then again... LBCK did quite a job with the original.


Knights is actually still a child. But that don't matta because he's a wiz producer at such a young age.

3D Mapping Projects... Simply Amazing:

This the hilarious new video for Holy Fuck's 'Red Lights'. If you like cats, you're gonna wanna watch this.

Love, Patrick

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