Friday, February 10, 2012

School Kills

As I'm currently in the library dying a slow painful death at the hands of this midterm paper, I figured I'd take a break to let you all in on some of what's been (barely) keeping me alive.. (hint: pounding, pounding techno music)

Djedjotronic's new EP on Boys Noize Records sub-label BNR Trax absolutely kills it, like pretty much everything else this French madman has ever made. Here's my favorite off the EP, but definitely go buy the whole thing on beatport, it's well worth your duckets. [BEATPORT RELEASE]
download: Djedjotronic - Walk With Me (Original Mix)

In case you were curious, this is what your brain melting sounds like:
download: ZZT - Work (Nautiluss Remix) [BEATPORT for full release]

Zoo Brazil's last "The Kill" EP on Turbo definitely caught our attention. This new release (on Turbo sub-label Twin Turbo) definitely has our attention too. 'New York' is huge. The B side 'Game Face' is money as well, go check out the whole thing on beatport.
download: Zoo Brazil - New York (Original Mix)

And let me just say this video makes me wish very much I was living in Paris right now:

- Augustus


  1. thank you for posting the new djedjotronic tune. sounds great. cheers
    p.s. i think he is a french dude producing german techno

  2. Ah you're right! He is french, my mistake.

  3. Damn Auggie, you thought Djedjo was German? I thought we were friends dude