Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jeffree's presents: Zebra Katz

Zebra Katz is a new producer on Jeffree's, an extension of the Mad Decent record label with the purpose of releasing the most progressive and forward thinking electronic music from around the world.  Here's a word from label boss Diplo on this new imprint:
“Our new extension of Mad Decent, Jeffrees, is the best new music -the most progessive, the most amazing. the deepest underground and subterranean sounds from the Earth’s crust; the best sounds available and it’s free.  It’s what Mad Decent was originally made for new artists thinking outside of the box” - Diplo
The premise of Jeffree's is that there will be a new single available for free every other Thursday, accompanied by higher resolution copies of the tracks sold with a compilation by Mad Decent that will be available for purchase on Itunes and Beatport every two months.

Zebra Katz's 'Ima Read' is his debut release and includes a slew of great remixes.  The original features Njene Reddd Fox vocals which add a serious amount of attitude to the dark, minimal tone of the track.  With little more than a round kick drum and low pitch drone for the instrumental, this track almost seems like it's moving in slow motion.  The provocative lyrics really make the track and include a frequent reference to the phrase "Ima read that bitch".  The term "Read" originated from the 1980's vogueing movement from New York City and simply means to verbally insult someone in a brutal way that may not necessarily be apparent to a common bystander.  Listen to and download the original, plus my favorite remixes from the group:

Zebra Katz - Ima Read feat. Njene Reddd Fox          [Download Here]

Zebra Katz - Ima Read feat. Njene Reddd Fox (Dj Sliink Remix)          [Download Here]

Zebra Katz - Ima Read feat. Njene Reddd Fox (Slick Shoota Remix)          [Download Here]

Produced by Lauren Castro and directed by Ruben Sznajderman, the video is incredibly compelling and I'm really loving how it was shot.  Watch it below:

For more Zebra Katz, follow follow follow:


[Download Here]

Love, Patrick

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