Monday, February 27, 2012

Mixtape Sunday: Episode 003

Two weeks in a row we're here with a Radio 1 essential mix, but hey, this is just too good to pass up. Scuba threw this together on Saturday and it is one of the most well-rounded mixes I have ever heard; it goes in about every direction imaginable, albeit with a consistently DEEP edge. I've just recently discovered this guy Paul Rose, but after listening to this I have a feeling he will be hot on our radar for the foreseeable future. For some reason Soundcloud is making this difficult to embed, so just click the link below to get there. Enjoy.

2012-02-25 - Scuba (Hotflush Recordings) @ Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1

Following up on his recent 'Adrenalin' EP, Scuba has released his third album, 'Personality', today on his own Hotflush Recordings. Check this preview and see what you think.

- Jimmy

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