Friday, April 1, 2011


Three extremely Bright & Shiny singles came out recently that you need to know about if you don't already. First off, Washington DC homie Will Eastman's 2011 debut single No Sleep is a funky ass (almost) nu disco jam that will have you breakin' to the dancefloor faster than you can spell boogey backwards. The Treasure Fingers and Tagteam Terror remixes are noteworthy as well. Next up, the new Justice single, Civilization. Everyone's talking about ;we mentioned its release earlier, but it's super sick and its got the signature Justice sound to it, though not everyone seems to love the vocals so much. I think they fit in with the unpretentious feel of the rest of the song. Either way, it's dope and I'm glad to see something new coming from the mysterious frenchmen. Apparently this represents the coming of their new album, which I've heard is slated to be released as soon as the next week or two. The third single is the new Afrojack, which came out on afro's own label Wall Records earlier this week. For any of you who were there at Ultra, you saw him drop this song and you saw how it completely demolished the crowd. This one's a certified banger crafted straight out of the typical Afrojack sound.

Will Eastman - No Sleep ft. TT The Artist (Original Mix)

Justice - Civilization (Original Mix)

Afrojack - Doing It Right (Original Mix)

Also check out the full version of the commercial that uses the Justice single (directed by Romain Gavras, the guy who does most of the Ed Banger video art)

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