Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Morts and Meisure

The latest release from Holy Ghost's upcoming album, Wait & See, is pure synth pop gold. I'm a huge sucker for interesting vocal melodies and acoustic piano... so this track has gotten me really excited for the full album to drop. My good friend Alex just recently had the pleasure of seeing Holy Ghost! open for Cut Copy in DC at the 930 Club and he said it was absolutely magical. Love these guys.

Awesome new LBCK remix. I really don't even have to say much about this fantastic track. The name LBCK should just speak for itself at this point. Sample laden and funky. Cue disco ball.

Owner of Cheap Thrills label in London, Herve, teamed up with vocalist MNDR for this grimey house track. Released for free by Green Label Sound.

Now this one is a wee bit odd, but not in a bad way. The top 40's esque pop vocals/lyrics throw me off a little, but I honestly enjoy the dance track that 8barz has created underneath them. This is one of those tracks that I feel like could get a lot of radio play and have mass appeal. Take a listen for yourself.

16 year old (youngster talent) French producer, Madeon, has caught my attention now twice. His latest remix of Yelle's Que Veux Tu has been on my 'walking to class' playlist for a few weeks now and I think it deserves to be posted. I'm really impressed with his precocious production abilities. Also check out his Killers remix below.

Parisian duo (obviously), Jupiter recently released their new single Sake coupled with a great music video. Dance floor ready. Cute French girl vocals are always a welcomed touch. Be sure to check out the Para One and Tacteel remix for a down tempo chilled out version of the original.


Love, Patrick


  1. any way you guys would do like a best of ultra post? still in post ultra depression

  2. but fucking awesome post btw

  3. yeah for sure, we plan on doing a full review of all three days of ultra including like the best performances and songs that people played coming up in the next couple days. stay tuned!

  4. why thank you anonymous reader

  5. i <3 house music. felix da housecat fucked my mom, now i hate house music.