Friday, April 15, 2011

Darling it's Better, Down Where it's Wetter

HEY! Long time no see... I've been the laziest blogger ever lately. I would say I've been super busy with school, but that would be kind of misleading. I've actually just been so demoralized from the all the work that I'm neglecting to do that the guilt prevented me from accomplishing anything, even things that I love (like such as: music blogging). ANYways, I'm back and I'm here to bring you the best tunes from around the worrrrrlllld. Enjoy your weekend; for me.

I'm totally late on this one, but it really really deserves to get praised. La Bombe's own Stockholm duo, Blende, recently came out with a killer EP that features two originals and one awesome remix. The first track, featured below, is a really neat electro thumper. The song continuously evolves throughout; starting out very Siriusmo-esque and sprinkling in some beautiful Daft Punk influences, eventually culminating in an extremely well rounded track that has been on repeat for weeks. Just head on over to beatport and buy this whole EP for your own sake.

The next track on the EP features a very vocoder Chromeo sounding vocal line that just oozes funk. Nu disco vibes all over the place on this one. That bass synth that comes in around 1:04 is great, it really gives the track some momentum. I'm pretty confident that based on the well executed diversity that Blende has presented with this EP, they are on the up and up (and up).

Lastly, the Louis La Roche remix. How could you not love this guy. Keeping much of the integrity of the original, LLR shakes things up a bit and turns this one into pure French touch gold. Disco for the win.


Flight Facilities + Holy Ghost! couldn't POSSIBLY disappoint.

This is an old ass track, but for me (and I hope for you), SebastiAn never ever gets boring. That synth that comes in at the beginning is orgasmic. Get yourself a good pair of headphones or speakorz for this beaut.

The only complaint I have for this great remix is: TOO SHORT

Love, Patrick

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