Friday, April 29, 2011

Get Beached

Whatup yall, I just finished my last midterm (health & nutrition, what a joke) and I'm headed down to the beach for the rest of the day, but before I did I figured I'd drop you guys some of what I'll be listening to down on the beach and over the weekend. A healthy balance of relaxing and raging. Enjoy.

Beach Jams
This first one has been one of my favorites for a while now. Hercules & Love Affair really struck gold on this track. So chill, perfect for lounging around in the sun.
Hercules & Love Affair - Leonora

We put this up a while ago in one of our 'beauty is simplicity' posts, but I wanted to repost it today because I really think it deserves some words. Charles I, the youngster producer out of LA, strays from his typical electro stylings on this one to put together an amazing piece of gorgeous house. The vocals are really amazing too. This is probably one of my favorite summertime/beach jams of all time, really really awesome. Honestly it's impossible to listen to this one and not just feel happy.
Charles I - Simple State of Mind (Original Mix)

Some relaxing lounge-house for those beach naps...
Laberge - She Loves Me

Weekend Music
Pyramid is a young producer out of France (I believe he's 16 or 17) who's been doing some really impressive, almost Alex Gopher style electro lately. We've featured some of his tracks before. The remix I have for you today by him strays from his typically more melodic style and dives straight into the realm of monster dancefloor-ready electro. A Millie by Lil Wayne might be a little old by now, but honestly this remix pumps a ridiculous amount of new life into it. Literally the louder you play this one the better it gets.
Lil Wayne - A Millie (Pyramid Remix)

Laidback Luke gave this track away for free a couple days ago in honor of his 100,000th fan on facebook. Typical Luke-style dutch madness. Another track that simply gets better the louder you play it.
Laidback Luke feat. Lady Bee - Mortal Comeback (Original Mix)

And to top things off I give you some wonderfully done progressive house by the Swedes Frederic Van Hooft and and Karl Aberg. This sounds Avicii-esque in terms of the straight quality of the production. Honestly I don't get why the swedes are so damn good at making amazing progressive house.. I'm not sure I care enough to find out, but I definitely hope to see some more from these two.
Frederic Van Hooft & Karl Aberg - La Deng (Original Mix)

Christopher & Raphael Just - Popper (Shinichi Osawa Distortion Disco Edit)

Stay Classy,

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