Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stop Hitting Yourself

From the new Ed Banger release, "The Bee Side", we get Breakbot's newest tune: Fantasy (feat. vocals from Ruckazoid). If you've followed Bright and Shiny for a while, then you know that I have a slight obsession with Breakbot. Frenchie extraordinaire strikes again with this latest funk laden track.

If you want the low quality radio rip to tide you over until an official release, have it:

I enjoy the rounded, deep, kick drum on this track. Style of Eye nailed it with this remix (Sweden is so talented). The synth hook that comes in around 1:38 is a great addition to an otherwise exciting song. Progressive haaauuus.

Noah Lennox, from Animal Collective, released a solo album entitled Tomboy a few days ago. On it was this beautifully layered track. Not the most original track I've ever heard, but still pretty great none the less.
Justin Faust always manages to work his way onto my all star playlists. This track just makes me want to dance forever and always. Bass line yes yes.


I don't know who Mr. Ho is... but he made a nice edit of this disco track.
Donna Mcghee - Make it Last Forever (Mr. Ho Edit)

Love, Patrick

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