Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fun in the Sun

My friends, it's March, and what this means is that for better or worse my mind is stuck on one thing and one thing only: Miami 2011. WMC (Miami's Winter Music Conference) is coming up, and along with it so is Ultra. In other words, the most fun-laiden, debauchery-fueled, and positively Bright & Shiny time of the year is upon us. This is the most festive of times, and with the endless amounts of pool parties and epic nights that come with this also comes the first real wave of 2011's club anthems. Right around now is when artists tend to start cranking out the uber club monsters that we've been waiting for, so I hope you all trained well in the preseason (i.e. winter) because things are about to get out of control. Ultra is probably the most incredible weekend of the year, as anyone who's been there can tell you. The only other place/time in the world that really comes close is Ibiza during peak season. Anyway, in honor of these most joyous occasions, today's post will be centered entirely around the huge club banging sound that will surely be blasting out of speakers all across Miami this spring.

 Considering that over the past year Avicii has been the undisputed champion of the big room progressive sound that Miami is so famous for, I think it's only fitting that we start off with him. This remix of Armin Van Buuren builds slow at first, but by the end the energy is cranked up to levels that could break glass, complete with massive piano stabs, ridiculous builds and all. Look for this to come at the apex of one of Avicii's two (yes, two) performances at Ultra this year.
Armin Van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Avicii Remix)

Deniz Koyu has been on my radar for a while now, ever since first hearing his beast of a track Lose Control last year. He's in full Miami form on this new remix, taking an already huge track by Jean Elan to new levels of fist pumping epicness here.
Jean Elan - Feel Alive (Deniz Koyu Remix)

This is another one of my favorite recent remixes by Koyu, an awesome progressive makeover of the house classic My Feeling.
Junior Jack - My Feeling (Deniz Koyu Remix)

Check out the original too if you haven't already heard it, it's an absolute anthem.
Junior Jack - My Feeling (Original Mix)

Another artist who's caught my eye recently with his masterfully progressive and gorgeous style is the Russian youngster Incognet. His newest remix of Heaven by Stephan M is a club stomper that stays true to his melodic and beautiful style, while the similarly awesome Wide Up remix lands on the techier side of the progressive spectrum. Morning Lights is probably my favorite out of the bunch. One of Incognet's classics, it's a sublime, yet still highly danceable, masterpiece that will definitely be the soundtrack to many of our late nights this spring.
Stephan M - Heaven (Incognet Remix)

Agraba - Wide Up (Incognet Remix)

Incognet - Morning Lights (Original Mix)

Hardwell has been honing his progressive-dutch sound to a true art form lately, and this follow up to his world-dominating Zero 76 collaboration with Tiesto further demonstrates why he's one of the most exciting artists coming out of the Netherlands right now.
Cloakz - Catch Your Fall (Hardwell Club Mix)

A post on ridiculous club bangers wouldn't be complete without some Snoop Dogg done Spencer & Hill style..
Ian Care feat. Snoop Dogg & Bobby Anthony - Last Night (Spencer & Hill Remix)

Finally, these last two are more on the underground side, with the Royal T remix representing a gorgeous old-school house reinterpretation of a new Crookers track, and the savagely tribal sounds of Groenveld embodying shades of a techier sensibility.
Crookers, Roisin Murphy - Royal T (House of House Remix)

Koen Groeneveld - Slides (Original Mix)

this may possibly be the greatest video in the history of youtube..

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