Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stick to Your Name, Stick to The Game

If you can successfully sample Express Yourself by N.W.A. and put it on a house beat, you have my vote. The three man group composed of England's Corey Baker and Scott Dickie and U.S.'s Stuart Sandeman has received praise from the likes of Wolf + Lamb and Crosstown Rebles over the last year for their work. The Wildkats throw it down on this one and keep it smooth.
Wildkats – Perpetrating

Joris Voorn takes Moby’s original, ‘After’, and lightens up the mood a bit. He takes a much more club and dance friendly approach, adding a rolling bassline and an energetic rhythm. Piano stabs are always good too. Honestly I hear little in common between this and the original, but I am not one to question, just to listen. Grab this one on beatport here, it was just released yesterday.
Joris Voorn, Moby – After the After [Stream Only]

Ali Love recently teamed up with Luca C to form Infinity Ink. This song, recently released on super-label Hot Creations, has garnered notable attention, being featured on multiple DJ charts and mixes. Ali’s vocals always seem to do the trick (see ‘Do It Again’ by the Chemical Brothers and ‘Forward Motion’ by Hot Natured) and the groove he and Luca C developed is unstoppable. Show the two some love and buy it on beatport.
Infinity Ink – Games

Nathaniel X
is here to bring house music back on the map, so he proclaims at the beginning of his 2010 Resurrxion E.P. He calls out all the digital mp3 DJs calling them mp3js instead, while promoting his immortal vinyl. Real talk. “Easy listenin underground, deep jazz chords, and a smooth bassline with a danceable rhythm.” What more could you possibly ask for?
Nathaniel X – My Love is Underground (RIP 160kbps)


Alex Kenji – Something About You

Bingo Players vs. Chocolate Puma – Touch Me

I’ll leave you with this absolutely stellar mix by B&S homeboys Brodinski and Gesaffelstein. My first take on this was that it was uncharacteristically mellow. Not to say this doesn’t go hard, maybe they’ve just pushed the limits of my musical tastes that far, but they manage to mix through so many different sounds so well that it blurs some genre boundaries. I really hope these two keep collaborating. Shout out to my friend Ben for showing me this. Partial track list can be found here.
BRODINSKI & GESAFFELSTEIN - DJ Set @ Laura Leishman Project sur Le Mouv' by llplemouv

More Gesaffelstein! When I’m old and going crazy I’ll have to blame him for at least half of my mental problems. Listening to this guy’s techno as a young adult has got to have an effect on my long-term health. Anyways, enjoy…
Gesaffelstein – Atmosphere

- Jimmy

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