Monday, December 5, 2011

Marble Players

          Marble Players is a relatively new record label that represents the lovechild of three legendary producers: Surkin, Para One, and Bobmo.  Based out of Paris, France, Marble Players was born out of the unfortunately retired Institubes Records which closed its figurative doors on March 16th of this past year.  With a fresh outlook on life and big big plans, Marble Players is breaking onto the scene in a special way.  They are all inclusive in terms of collaboration and cooperation and aim to pioneer new music in the most innovative ways they can find.  Other than the three top dogs, the names currently signed to the label include High Powered Boys (Bobmo + Surkin), Canblaster (Club Cheval), and MYD; although they have done releases for several other artists like Das Glow, Sam Tiba, and Teki Latex.  Sample some of their sounds below and be sure to keep an eye out for this dream team in the months to come.

First up is remix done by the whole fam that has a great "late-night" feel to it.  Uploaded to the Marble Players SoundCloud about a month ago... these are the kind of gratifying sounds you can hear emerging from their studio.
Koyote - Night Train (Marble Players Remix)

Next up is a soothing piece of music that flows effortlessly out of your speakers.  I know I'm a sucker for chopped vocals and energetic percussion, but this track is just plain good any way you cut it.

This next one is nice and free for the taking.  Das Glow, old friend and collaborator of Para One, put together this nice little mix.  He recently teamed up with Para One for a Marble Players release featuring two stellar tracks: Freeze and Pulsar.  Check out Pulsar below the mix for some extra material.


Love, Patrick

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