Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Most of All Time

It's the middle of finals week at my university and honestly I'm getting absolutely pummeled right now. All I can think about is how much I wish I could just be kicking it somewhere like the picture above, but alas I'm mired in seemingly endless amounts of work. Luckily, LA based producer Urulu has the answer. His newest 'Untitled' EP, which he released for free on monday, is one of the most relaxing, groove-filled things to hit my ears in a long time. Did I mention that it's free? Untitled 01 and Untitled 03 are especially soothing, while Untitled 02 has a bit of a techier edge. They're definitely all worth checking out, and if you like what you hear be sure to send some love over to his Facebook page.
Download: Urulu - Untitled 1 (Original Mix)

Download: Urulu - Untitled 2 (Original Mix)

Download: Urulu - Untitled 3 (Original Mix)

Bonus Relaxation
Download: Ellie Goulding x Daft Punk - There's Something About Us Under The Sheets (B-Roc of The Knocks Mix)

Some more tropical vibes for your perusal:
Download: MK - Burning (Round Table Knights Remix)

Download: Zombie Disco Squad - Pinky (Monkey Safari Remix)

Now for some stuff on the more energetic side of the spectrum, first up I have a recently released Digitalism track that  I haven't been able to get enough of lately. It's Digitalism…remixing Digitalism…and sounding like classic Digitalism. In other words, it's fucking awesome. Recently they'd moved away from their creative approach to electro in favor of a a poppier sound, but this shows them connecting without their glorious 2007-era Idealism roots. Check the whole EP on Beatport for some other dope remixes by Eric Prydz and Jeremy Olander as well.
Download: Digitalism - Circles (Digitalism Remix)

Next up is a pumping remix of Dirty South and Thomas Gold's 'Alive.' I have to be honest I wasn't as crazy about the original track as some people were when it first came out, but DC local Das Nibley takes it to a new level here with a really smooth reworking that starts fast and keeps the energy up all the way until the end. If you like what you hear (which I know you will), make sure to head over to his facebook page to stay up to date on all things Das Nibley.
Download: Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Alive (Das Nibley Remix)

Extra Loot
Download: Paris FZ, Simo T, Chrissy, JWLS - Dancing Alone (JWLS Extra Sauce Remix) [FIRE]

Download: Dada Life - Kick Up The Epic Motherfucker (Original Mix)

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