Friday, November 4, 2011

Raw Groove

If you haven’t heard Oliver $’s Doin’ Ya Thang, get out from under that rock and check it out on Sir Real's post from back in the day. That track sampled vocal cuts from some performances by Detroit’s own, Moodyman, who is probably the realest dude you’ll ever come across, and an iconic figure in the world of house. This first track samples his Red Bull Music Academy interview and is quotable as hell and it meshes perfectly with this dope beat that Homework produced (remix courtesy of Andre Crom & Martin Dawson). If you have the time, I highly suggest you check it out; It’s actually less of him being interviewed than it is just him preaching to the crowd about life and music (word is bond). This second piece of Homework, I came across on youtube of all places and is probably one of the most aptly named songs I’ve heard in a while. If anybody can identify the original song they’re sampling I would be forever indebted to you. Let those dreamy synths wash over you.

Download: Homework – I’m Into This (Andre Crom & Martin Dawson Remix)

Download: Homework - Raw Groove

To my chagrin, this Danny Daze jaint hasn’t been posted yet, so here it is in all its glory. Probably my favorite song by the man from Miami, it pretty much defines his sound in my eyes (err.. ears). Also, check this hilarious video that features this song and make sure to support him by purchasing it on Beatport. If you find yourself in the D.C. area over Thanksgiving, make sure to pay a visit to U Street Music Hall on the 26th to see this guy drop some knowledge.

Danny Daze - Your Everything feat. Louisahhh! [Stream Only]

I actually happened upon this while searching for the original version. I decided to give it a chance and ended up liking it more than the original so I guess this Katorski guy knows what’s good. It takes a while to develop but wait for the real rhythm to creep in after the two-minute mark.

Download: Christian Malloni – Hell Yeah (Katorski Remix)


Download: Aeroplane - Big Boys Don't Cry

Download: Devolution - Good Love ft. Amy Pearson (Alesso Remix)

soulwax 'machine' from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

Needless to say, the Dewaele brothers don’t fuck around. This promo for Radio Soulwax pretty much sums up how we envisioned this project being created. Be sure to look out for Augustus' detailed experience of them and many other stupid-good artists in his upcoming Hard Haunted Mansion review.

- Jimmy

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