Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Curious Techno of Bowski

Young producers are always particularly interesting. Even more interesting is coming across a young producer who barely appears above the legal age to drink, yet seems to have an incredibly refined and mature sound. Such is the case with Bristol based producer Bowksi. While many young artists can seem content to stay within the predictable bounds of genres like progressive house and electro, Bowski has made a name for himself with his refreshing take on all things from the deeper end of the electronic spectrum. Despite their sometimes minimal tendencies, his songs are all laced with a quirky, bouncy feel that makes them 100% party-ready. Moreover, something about the way they hop along has almost hypnotic effect, like they're pulling you towards a dancefloor at the edge of your mind - one that's at once familiar and unknown. This remix from Disco of Doom's Invader Ep is a perfect encapsulation of that sound.
Disco of Doom - Doomsday (Bowski Remix)

Part of what makes Bowski so interesting is that his sound seems as retro as it is fresh. Elements as disperse as UK bass music and old school German minimal techno seem to poke through his productions. And some of the biggest names in the game are starting to take notice. Last year, after hearing one of his songs, the legendary french group Cassius personally asked him to remix their hit 'I <3 U SO' alongside dance music titans like Skream and L-Vis 1990. Fake Blood recently signed Bowski to his own label, Blood Music as well.
Cassius - I <3 U SO (Bowski Remix)

Joe and Will Ask - Let's Risk It (Bowski Remix)

Considering all of this along with the incredibly unique sound that Bowski continues to craft as his own, it seems as though the sky is the limit for this dude. It's safe to say we're excited to see what he comes up with next.

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