Monday, November 28, 2011

The Funk Electric

Boy do those boys over at Hot Creations got it goin’ on. Here we have the Jamie Jones and Lee Foss collective, Hot Natured, giving this recent Waifs & Strays original a hot makeover. Make sure to follow their label and future releases, you will not be disappointed. Also, support the crew and purchase this on beatport.
Waifs & Strays – Body Shiver (Hot Natured Remix) [Stream Only]

After hearing the Subb-Ann remix of this song off of Augustus’s earlier post and doing some research, I came across this Solomun rendition. This one has a much different feel to it; slower tempo, more pronounced vocals, and a funky beat with some fat bass. Give it a try.
Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Vox Remix)

We have come to know and love Botnek for his interesting and crazy approach to music. This song, coming off of Southern Fried Records, presents a little different style for him (not quite as insane) that has got some groove. The sounds of whistles, Panamanian percussion, and Latin-American vocals abound in what will surely get you on your feet. Buy the track here.
Botnek – Panama Bass [Stream Only]

DJ T. has been in the game for a long time and I continually enjoy his music. Clockwork, however, completely inverts this song of his and throws you in the front row of the show. As the track builds, the sound of a crowd encompasses the beat and the crisp percussion, emanating the experience of a live show. Subtle, yet powerful.
Dj T. Ft. Khan – Leaving Me (Clockwork Remix)

Last week my good friend, Beau, showed me this one and let me tell you, this is pure gold. As advertised, this is indeed a long ass mix, complete with a rolling beat that seemingly never ends. Top it off with some sexy vocals that will put you in a trance, and it will leave you wondering what was possessing your body for the last ten minutes. Rinse and repeat. Now go buy it and enjoy some more.
Murk, Intruder – Amame ft. Jei (Long Ass Mix) [Stream Only]


Evren Ulusoy and Sezer Uysal - Singing In the Bathtub (Soul Minority Remix)

Casino Times - That's The Truth

- Jimmy

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