Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Close Your Eyes

This first one is the type of song that just seems made for those intangible moments in life where you find yourself staring out over a sunset or reflecting on the deeper side of things. Everything about it from the perfectly layered bells and bassline to the dreamy vocals that float over the track combine to make it one of those songs that listening to it strikes an emotional chord. At least it did for me. One of my favorite tracks of the moment. The remixers responsible also have just about the coolest name ever, thunderlust. Yeah, thunderlust. Fuck with it.
Download: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (thunderlust Remix)

I got this next one from the halloween post by our homies over at GDD, but this track has way more playability than being simply a hallows-eve jam. Hervé gives Beyonce his signature big british fidget house sound here and it straight kills as always.
Download: Beyonce - Countdown (Hervé Remix)

The latest from our boys Keljet. They take the Wynter Gordon hit 'Til Death' and mold it to their trademark disco synth-electro sound and it works like a charm. You might recognize this bad boy from the awesome mix they did for us, which if you somehow managed to miss you can listen to here. For all things Keljet be sure to head over to their soundcloud too.

  Wynter Gordon - Til Death (Keljet Remix) by Keljet

Deetron doin' his thang and predictably smashing it here. There's two versions of this remix, the original remix and the Dub, I personally think the dub is waaay better. The only difference is the other remix contains the full vocal track but in all honesty I think the song breathes much better by itself without the vocals cluttering it up. Deetron seems to be on fire lately though, everything I come across by the swissman is pure deep house gold. Soothing, groovy vibes on this one.
Download: Miguel Migs - Close Your Eyes feat. Meshell Ndegeocello (Deetron Dub)

Finally I leave you guys with this behind the scenes look at Crooker's recent Dr. Gonzo project...

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