Friday, November 25, 2011

Back On It

I rediscovered this circa-2008 banger recently and have been playing it over and over ever since. Rap over electro beats is always a killer combo, and Kanye straight destroys it here. The bouncing groove of the first section is sooo goood. (If you're uninitiated as to who N.A.S.A. are, check out this pretty cool Creators Project segment on them...

I'm not sure what I can say about Brodinski that we haven't already said yet. The dude is a wizard, and I absolutely love him. His newest track, like just about everything he does, seems crafted for the explicit purpose of making people absolutely lose their face (most likely on some dancefloor at around three in the morning). The release of this track signifies the first record to come out on his new label, Bromance Records, while the other first track on the EP is a dope effort by fellow Frenchman Gesaffelstein, which you can check out a preview of below. Support the dudes and buy both the tracks off beatport, yo.

London based produced Blende, who you might remember from his ferocious "Worldwide" remix with Adrian Lux (chex it here), recently sent over this unreleased Skrillex remix to us and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it. I was expecting something dubsteppy and Skrillex-like, but Blende completely twists the track around and turns it into an almost Daft Punk-like feel good track with a real groove. Quite good.

New Laidback Luke out on his label Mixmash. I will say I'd been unimpressed by some of the stuff Luke had been putting out over the past year and the way that his live sets have gone in a poppier direction, but this track is completely off the chain and shows the Dutchman getting back to his roots. So retardedly massive.
Bonus Luke:

Double Bonus

P.S. Washington, DC, if you haven't checked out our most recent post you is straight loafin'. We're giving away tickets to Danny Daze's show at U Hall this Saturday (!!!!) so click here to learn how you can be entered to win this incredible prize. The show also features the stylings of Tanner Ross (Wolf + Lamb/No. 19) as well was Outputmessage (of Volta Bureau) and our friend Lxsx Frxnk (Blisspop). This is NOT a show to be missed so get involved and get down.


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